Methods To Lose Weight

Obesity has become a major on-going health issue around the globe and well recognized health organizations like WHO and CID are trying to combat this situation that is swallowing many lives every single day. Obesity is so dangerous in so many ways. It could lead to heart diseases such as coronary atherosclerosis and thrombosis. It could also cause fatty liver and lead to liver failure. Apart from health complications ones quality of life starts to decrease because obese patients become lethargic and lazy.

Controlling ones diet, exercise and surgeries such as gastric bypass surgery could be a means to the end of solving the problem in obesity. But first it is the government’s responsibility to spread word about this by either giving out leaflets or by including it in school curriculums. Spreading awareness always helps to combat this situation and any improvements must be starts in an individual are with his family unit. For faster quicker results patients can go for laparoscopic surgeries as they are less invasive and the risk of secondary infection is usually lower. The main idea behind this is that they insert an adjustable band around the mouth of the stomach enabling the patient to control the intake of food.

But the patient must always inquire from the doctor as to how much is lap band surgery before signing the consent form. Apart from surgery one could go for other methods but they take time and require a huge sum of commitment and patience. Changing one’s lifestyle could also make a difference. Ones eating patterns must be altered by the help of a dietician and there are some cons in this method because sometimes one cannot eat what one likes but still the sacrifice is worth making. Even exercise is a good tool that will help one stay fit apart from reducing weight.

Obese individuals must make sure to continue the routine of exercise even after combatting over weight because once they stop it there is a high chance fat might build up again if the diet is not maintained. According to the statistics there have been so many children who have obesity than adults and this is not a good sign. It is because a lot of children have committed suicide after being bullied about their size and shape so therefore parents must make sure to counsel the child or find methods to relax their minds and take away the burden of being bullied. So the world needs to look out for each other in order to control this problem.