Health Issues In Children And Their Preventive Measures


Everyone wants to have a healthy and beautiful baby and they can take care of themselves keeping in mind about their coming baby during the time of pregnancy. Proper diet and exercise for the mother can help her baby to grow healthily. Even after taking all the precautions sometimes it can become problematic issues for the child during the time of delivery of even after the birth of the child.

There are many such minor issues that can affect the child and this can happen because of vitamin deficiencies, insufficient mineral supplements, and many other issues. Even after the birth up to certain age if the child cannot be vaccinated properly they can get affected with measles, chicken pox, and slapped cheek syndrome etc. So the doctors always suggest vaccinating the children as per the schedule chart issued to them during the birth of the child.

Earlier there were many unknown diseases with which the children died during their birth or after the birth. There was no proper awareness in the people about the child care and following and maintaining the hygienic conditions during the time of delivery and as a result, it has affected many people. But now there are various sources available for the people to know about various things in the initial stage of the pregnancy.

Vitamin and mineral supplements should be provided to the mother for the healthy growth of their baby during the nine months of pregnancy. Some children can get affected with the voice and resonance disorders in which they cannot speak out properly. For such children speech pathology is the process which can help them to gain a proper voice and they can be able to speak out properly after treatment from an experienced pathologist.

Articulation is one of the most common disorders that have been found in many children these days. This can occur because of inferiority developed since from their childhood and also because of the fear. Such problems can be rectified through Melbourne speech pathology which is a kind of therapy in which the child will be motivated and counseled to speak. There are many diseases that can affect the children if proper care is not taken.

It can be the responsibility of the parents to use clean water for their children. The surroundings should also be maintained clean and hygienic so that no infections can be caused. They should be vaccinated regularly as per the schedule suggested by the doctors. Children should not be neglected if they are suffering from fever, cold, cough or any other things which may change into chronic infections. The governments have been conducting various awareness programs for the people in the rural and urban areas along with many social welfare organizations.