Caring For Your Parents At Home vs An Elders Home


The question whether to care for your elderly parents at home or whether to have them enter in an elders home is an age old debate. Many of the last generation will frown down upon the thought of entering your parents in an elder’s home because it traditionally believed that one must have their parents at home with them and care for them themselves. However the people who have these ideas belong to a long gone generation where women stayed home and tended to their families while men went out to work and brought in money for their families, a generation where women were committed to being house wives with no other option available to them where as today in modern society, men and women alike are forced to do full time nine to five jobs in order to meet the demand of the rising cost of living.
Unlike in the days gone by, it is no longer practical for most people to have their elderly parents stay at their own homes due to the fact that they are never at home to take care of their parents and this will mean that their parents will be lonely alone at home while they work their full time jobs and their children are at school. It would also mean that they will be putting their elderly parents at great risk in case a medical emergency was to occur as no one will be around to help them and therefore, in today’s modern society, an elder’s home or a retirement village in Auckland will be the best option for the elderly where these elderly people will receive around the clock medical attention and will have many people around them at all times for companionship and comfort.
Finding the finances
While a retirement village is the more practical solution of course, it is important for you to remember that with the facilities that your elderly parent will receive at such a place, you will have big bills to go with it. The payment of these bills will of course be your responsibility if your parent does not have their own savings and you will need to start collecting money well ahead of time in order to save up for such a need one day.
Of course, if you have siblings then these bills could be split amongst all of you however, if you do not, then you need to start planning well ahead of time. Start doing your research on the different homes and facilities available to you and start planning well ahead.