Best Indoor Exercises


To exercise, there is no mandatory requirement to go outside or even to the gym. Most of us are now way too busy to do much else than a few minutes or half an hour of exercise time before hitting the bed or running out of the house to catch the train. However, our busy lifestyles are exactly why one must allocate time to do some physical activity at some part of the day. This form of activity not only helps keep you physically healthy by keeping your muscles fit and flexible, this also helps clear the mind and remove stress as you focus on something other than work and is consciously thinking and pondering on what you are doing. Exercising is almost a meditation as you willingly focus your mind on the task at hand and block out all else. Here are a few simple exercises for you to do at home.

There are myths regarding exercising at home from needing bulky equipment to a fitness personal trainer. However, there is no such need. Actually, there is no such need even for organized exercises schedules which require you to purchase expensive DVDs such as Pilates in Chatswood to remain active and healthy.

Depending on the type of physio training that you require, there are simple exercises you can engage in.

Jump Rope

True, it sounds like the primary class workout where we used to jump rope for fun during the interval at school. However, few know that this is one of the most effective workouts out there. Jump rope helps the core and leg muscles along with the arms and back muscles as it uses the whole body in its workout. This is also a good cardio workout.

Stair Stepping

Stair stepping is something that you can do at home in front of the TV. Simply place a large book, a stool or a chair on which to step and step back from. This helps strengthen the lower body and leg muscles.

The Plank

Though it looks simple, holding the plank take some practice and it is an intense workout on the body’s core as you hold your body weight up and straight with your core muscles. Extend the periods of time you do this exercises and also start off with holding your body up from the bottom of your palms. Later move on to the elbows as your body becomes accustomed to it. 

Never ending Dancing

This is a fun workout that you can do anytime, anywhere with friends, family or alone. Mix and match various songs which require you to change and make use of the whole body with the changing tempo.